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Pinehurst & Southern Pines “Offer Nothing but Peace and Quiet?”

OnlyInYourState recently named Pinehurst and Southern Pines in its list of “10 Small Towns in North Carolina That Offer Nothing but Peace and Quiet”.  While we would agree that those towns are peaceful and relaxing and are great places to enjoy small town life at a less hectic pace, they certainly aren’t sleepy or particularly quiet for that matter!  Each community is humming with many recreational activities, great shopping and dining, and a lively cultural scene.

OnlyInYourState is a team of travel writers whose articles highlight the “hidden gems, little known attractions, and natural wonders” in all 50 states. Here’s what they had to say about Pinehurst and Southern Pines:

“Pinehurst – ranked #2:  Pinehurst was recently named the “Best Place to Live in North Carolina,” by Smart Travel Tips. Aside from being the ‘cradle of golf,’ with award-winning golf courses, it’s also one of the safest cities in America and quite cute as well. Golf carts drive up and down Main Street, cute shops and cafes line the streets, and it’s a place where eventually, everyone knows your name.

Southern Pines – ranked #7:  Located in the Sandhills, Southern Pines is a cute small town that holds over 100 years of history. While Pinehurst is the ‘cradle of golf,’ Southern Pines is also perfect for the golf lover.”

Earlier this year, OnlyInYourState wrote a bit more about Pinehurst’s “Peace and Quiet”:

“If you’ve been wanting to hang out in a small, quiet town, you’ll want to check out everything that Pinehurst has to offer. There’s plenty to do here, despite the quiet nature of the whole area. You’ll feel relaxed in no time! Of course, the local spa might have something to do with that.

Today’s quiet retreat is Pinehurst, North Carolina, where not only the residents but also the environment is nice and quiet.

However, small and quiet towns don’t have to be empty of activities or entertainment. In fact, golf (an exciting and quiet activity) is the main draw of this beautiful spot.

Golf is so beloved here that it’s not too strange to see golf carts parked around town. Other than a few state roads, golf carts have access to many of the areas you’ll want to check out.

The local population is around 17,000, which is just enough people for you to feel comfortable without feeling crowded. Walk around for a while, peruse shops and restaurants, and make an adventure out of it. Or, you know, go golfing.

Despite being home to an amazing golf course loved by people near and far, the town retains all of the charm you’d enjoy anywhere else. It’s worth a visit for a vacation and if you fall in love with it, well, all the better.”

In 2020, OnlyInYourState tapped Southern Pines in their top “10 Coolest Small Towns In North Carolina You’ve Probably Never Heard Of” list:  “Located in the sandhills, Southern Pines is an adorably charming small town that flies under the radar. With over 100 years of history, there’s plenty to see and do. Not far from town you’ll find golf courses and horse farms…a unique day trip indeed.”

OnlyInYourState got one thing right – these are places you need to visit and experience for yourself.  Thanks, OnlyInYourState, for letting the world know about these “hidden gems” in Moore County!

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