Mission & Strategic Plan


At MCEDP, our mission is “to create economic prosperity and improve the quality of life for Moore County’s citizens through the creation of quality jobs and capital investment in our communities.”


Our Vision is “to be a national leader in growing a well-diversified county economy – proud of our rural heritage – recognized as a destination with world-class amenities, and for preserving our unique Moore County charm.”


Our core values that govern how we operate are:

  • Service: We selflessly meet the needs of others.
  • Collaborative: We work with others to develop effective solutions & strategies.
  • Enterprising: We show initiative, are resourceful and take intelligent risks.
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Strategic Plan and
Quarterly Reports

Our 2020 Strategic Action Plan for Economic Development was adopted by our Board of Directors in 2017. The plan was created to identify economic development goals and the actions needed to achieve them. The following seven key goals were established with adoption of our 2017 strategic plan, including:

  1. Ensure sustained leadership and resources for economic development
  2. Inspire & excite (internally & externally)
  3. Expand healthcare jobs/facilities; attract medical businesses
  4. Optimize the proximity to Fort Liberty and the opportunities within the NC Defense Cluster
  5. Capitalize on the Home of American Golf ® brand and other key sports assets
  6. Attract & grow artisanal, niche and small-to-midsize manufacturing
  7. Transform rural Moore County with enhanced collaboration – and focus on revitalization, business enterprise, tourism and agri-business

The 44-page Strategic Plan provides recommendations for addressing these focus areas.

Quarterly Reports

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