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Moore Miracles for the Holidays

Moore County recently received significant national news coverage due to the massive power outage that victimized the County earlier in December.  However, much of that news didn’t cover how quickly our community came together in response to the crisis.  Neighbors helped neighbors which is the true spirit of Moore County and why it is a wonderful place to be, especially during the holidays.

A case in point:  Our area shops, restaurants, and hotels lost more than just power for a few days — they lost significant revenue during the critical holiday buying season. To help our local businesses, the Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) has launched “Moore Miracles for the Holidays”, a special website with links to area shops, restaurants, and hotels.  Check out the video below!

“For many of our local businesses, the holiday season is their most profitable part of their year and a loss of several days of revenue is a huge blow to them,” said Phil Werz, president and CEO of the CVB. “We encourage people to go to the website, buy a gift card or several, dine in our exceptional restaurants, and support our local businesses that need the cash flow now. Better yet, plan a visit to Moore County and support our local businesses by shopping, dining, and staying overnight in our comfortable hotels.”

“We appreciate your support and generosity. We’re expecting Moore Miracles for the holidays!”

Shop Local, Support Local!  #togetherwearemoore

The website can be found at


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